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October 17, 2018


Big Dick Maew

I had asked around Cascades in Bangkok who had the largest dick of them all, I figured it would be the best way to find out because they know each other and several girls pointed me in Maew's direction. I had seen her dance and sit with guys... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 13, 2018


In Chains Creampie

A friend of mine asked if I could look after his apartment for a while because he had to leave the country for a while and was worried his angry ex girlfriend might drop by and take a few things. A change of scenery from time to time is something... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

October 10, 2018

Kim 5

Red Headed secretary

I had had enough of things and tried to apply for a real job at random companies. When I went in for my first interview the secretary of the guy I was going to talk to told me to take a seat and wait a few minutes. I sat down at the chair in front... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 3, 2018

Belle 3

Beauty and the Bloke

I have this friend whom I grew up with, who is a huge fan of live action remakes of old classic cartoons but has no one that shares her interest so I offered to come along. She texted me she was running late and she'd come to the seats when she... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 29, 2018


College Girl Blowjob

What can I tell you about Mi Cha, a.k.a Rinda? Well, for starters, when I saw her getting in the mini van on her way to college several times, I honestly thought she was a girl. It wasn't until another Ladyboy introduced me to her that I found out... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyObsession

September 26, 2018


Sugar Coated Sex Bunny

Sugas is one of those amazing boys that make for really convincing girls and make a real effort looking sexy in order to have her hole filled with dick as often as possible, it's very hard to turn her down. Whenever I see her message asking me how... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 19, 2018


College Mos Wanted

Sex bomb Mos just got sexier, coming straight over after a lecture from some guy who probably knows it all was a huge surprise. So when she moved on to the undressing bit I stopped her in her tracks. I was pretty sure her fans would much rather... read more

27 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 15, 2018

Aom 1

Festival Girl Cuffed Sex

I remember the first few times I was out in the country side, visiting small cities and towns and just experience life around those areas. Sometimes when I got lucky there would be some sort of celebration in the evening with singing and dancing... read more

16 minutes | LadyboyObsession

September 12, 2018

Kib 2

Kib Me in the Loop

Fresh faced teenage Kib showed up with zero make up but with long, loose feminine silky hair. It's amazing how little some boys have to do to look like a sexy girl that screams fuck me. Kib loves receiving dick up her ass, you can tell by the way... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 5, 2018


Post Piss Cleaning Service

Gan is familiar to members here so I wanted to present her in a way that hadn't been done before. So what better way to do that than to urinate all over her sexy skinny body and face. She came over a deal later than she was supposed to so by that... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 1, 2018

Benz 4

Messy Lipstick Bath BJ & HJ

I was very excited about the latest condo I managed to rent at a fair price, it was still brand new and had a bathtub next to a window but the placing was tactful so no one would be able to see. I hadnít used the bathtub yet so what better way to... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

August 29, 2018

Gale 2

Smooth as Gale

I had seen Gale around for a while, I noticed her naughty cute kissy face. I had approached her several times and asked her to make a movie with me, we got close to it but I lost my phone and didn't see her around for a while. All this led to me... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 22, 2018


Yuki's secret

I had had this ladyboy I dated a couple of time who was a huge fan of the Victoria's "thing you don't tell" fashion shows. So this one day I thought I'd do something nice for her and bought some pink VS knickers for her. I could picture it in my... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 18, 2018


Teenage Surprise

Hiroko was introduced to me by Fujiko, I'm pretty sure they both weren't from Japan but the names and the clothes they prefer showed me they were very much into anime and Kawaii which is something of a Japanese sense of cuteness. Them being boys... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

August 15, 2018

Cake 3

Sugar Coating the Cake

Cake is super sexy, she has smooth, completely hairless skin, soft hormone tits and a face full of acne. I remember I was turned off by acne when I was younger, hell I suffered from it somewhat myself when my hormones started raging. Now for me... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 8, 2018


Best of Times

Best told me she was in town because she had visited a friend so I jumped on the opportunity to invite her over to my condo. Best is so illegally sexy that you know you wouldn't be able to introduce her to your parents and sit down with a straight... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 4, 2018

Mei Mei

Extra Class Creampie

Sex crazed Mei Mei had been expelled a long time ago after she was caught sucking off boys in the bathroom and videos of it came to the attention of the principal. Personally I think he didn't want to take any action towards her behavior and the... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyObsession

August 1, 2018


Lost and Found

I hadn't seen Enjoy for a while and when I tried calling some bloke had picked up telling me off assuming I spoke his language. I was starting to get worried about the possibility of her having to deal with some angry possessive boyfriend and I... read more

30 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 25, 2018


Janice Jackson

I was out on a Friday night randomly walking around neighborhoods I usually never visit and noticed a huge karaoke joint I had never noticed before. I'm not exactly a great singer but perhaps I could spot some cuties who could. I sat down and had... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 21, 2018


Skater Teen Hardcore

My first session with Chotika had gone very well and it was hard to get her out of my mind, her cute petite body, her rebellious outfits, her ink, her sex drive, what's there not to like? There was nothing to stop me from calling and meeting her... read more

17 minutes | LadyboyObsession

July 18, 2018

Pai 2

Pai Nai?

I loved how much effort puts into sucking dick so I asked her to come back for another session, only this time I dressed her up in more convenient clothing allowing me easy access to all of her parts. It feels great to hug Pai, cuddle with her,... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 11, 2018


1st Encounter With Mos

I had never seen or heard anything about Mos. Which is weird because she is at the moment probably the most sought after BKK Ladyboy since ShaSha. Who BTW is also still on my bucket list. A mutual friend told me I should meet her and she was... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 7, 2018

Cartoon Candy

New Lingerie Fashion Fuck

I had made a soapy blowjob video with Cartoon Candy only two days earlier and told her I'd call her in a few weeks but she was bombing my WhatsApp with messages and photos of the stuff she had bought with the money she received earlier. It turned... read more

16 minutes | LadyboyObsession

July 4, 2018


College Manga Girl

I absolutely loved the way Best looked with her oversize fox ears. She reminded me of those weird Japanese manga where the characters are half human and half animal and the alphas shove their oversized penises into their smaller partners who often... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 27, 2018


Hardcore Debut

I had seen pics of Nam on the Internet and I had searched for her in all the known places in Bangkok and Pattaya hoping to find her. Finally I filed an A.P.B. and luckily some of my ladyboy friends knew her and contacted her for me. She was in her... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 23, 2018

Sandy 5

Pierced Nose Bareback

I had met Sandy ages ago in Laos, but at the time I wasn't alone. So when I saw her bouncing her tight buttocks around on the streets of Pattaya a few year later while I had no one next to me I was thrilled. As many of you must have noticed by... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyObsession

June 20, 2018


Yellow Hair & Water

I noticed my favorite German candy lollipop Haribo had dyed her hair, I had been meaning to meet her again for some time and try to get her to taking my piss. She was rather shy when I asked her and revealed she had never done this before, she had... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 13, 2018

Gift 3

After School Party

I had approached Gift one day while she was waiting for the bus with some of her college friends. She didn't say much and her friends were giggling when I made a tit out of myself talking to her. In the end I just wrote down my number and hoped... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 9, 2018


Sunday Topping

I found Natalia on a website offering what guys like me are looking for and judging from her photos, she was very confident and very comfortable with who she is. This is a very sexy feature and in some cases, when they are a bit kinky and... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

June 6, 2018


Why Don't Your Try My Sweet Water

I was having a drink in one of my favorite guesthouse restaurants when I saw Namwan walk by on her way to meet someone. I waved at her and she gave me smile when she noticed me, I gestured to invite her over to join me for some food but she kept... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 30, 2018


A Worthy Replacement

One of my favorite and hard to get a hold of ladyboy models was suddenly off limits, after a mere two sessions she had found herself a man to look after her so we didn't have the chance to record more videos and share her. Luckily she had a friend... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 26, 2018


Piggytails Teen Bareback

I found Fujiko's ad on the web. She was looking for guys to play with. Fujiko had only recently moved out and got her own condo so she wanted to explore this new found freedom and its opportunities. Especially with guys who were into a horny... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyObsession

May 23, 2018


Drink My Piss

There's nothing like the submissive act of a Femboy on her knees to drink pee. Sugas is a true sissy that loves to pleasure men. Whether it's using her tight backdoor, or orally consuming whatever sperm and piss is given to her Sugas knows her... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 16, 2018


Show Me Your Pearly Whites

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, you must have seen Mos. Her star is rising fast, she is well on her way to become one of the biggest ladyboy stars to date. She has it all, great attitude, great looks, a good dick and untamable sex... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 12, 2018

Donut 4

Collared Suck Doll

Today's femboy making her porn debut is none other than Donut. I think the name Donut is a very correct name for anyone that has an ass willing to receive cock. But this time I was too excited by her dramatic eyes and dyed shiny long hair and her... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

May 9, 2018


Baby Blue Girlfriend Dress

Between Angel's girlish buns is the perfect target for cock. I just love gazing at this ultra feminine Ladyboy. Angel's sweet face looks at me while gobbling on as much dick as she can swallow. She truly rides the line between angelic looks and... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 2, 2018


Porked By Two Dicks

What's better than having the goddess Yuki in bed? Not much in my humble opinion, but the fun loving and as-horny-as-they-come Mos is a happy exception. Especially if they decide they will dictate what happens and take control. How could you... read more

30 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 28, 2018

Benzey 2

Late Night Heat Bareback

I was out on a Saturday on a date, but things weren't going so well and I grew bored quickly. It didn't look like I was getting laid with her, but I didn't feel so bad about it, I had noticed Benzey 2 threatening the dance floor with her smooth... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyObsession

April 25, 2018

Ploy 5

Missed Opportunities

Ploy blew my mind when she brought her old high school uniform, what have I missed out on? I'm fairly sure I remember correctly I was way too shy and equally concerned with what others think to ever even approach a boy dressed like a girl and... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 18, 2018

Emmy 2

Pink Bunny Emmy

Emmy is extremely cuddly, she has soft smooth skin, perky tits and horny as hell. I invited her over and made her wear the pink bunny outfit which made her look like a fuckable stuffed animal, I just had to fuck it, without a condom which makes it... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 14, 2018

Amy 5

Sunday Bareback Sex

What is better than to wake up on a Sunday and not having to leave your room, no work, no obligations, no birthday parties, all of the laundry is done, all of the grocery needs are present. You have absolute free time and you can do whatever you... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyObsession

April 11, 2018


The Goddess

I'm not going to lie, I'll tell it like it is. Yuki nears perfection. Tall, firm big perky tits, strong, smooth, long legs, hairless cock and boy pussy. Kissy lips, mischievous smile, I can go on for a while but I'll just summarize it, Yuki is a... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 4, 2018


Double Booked

I was taking it easy, I had just come out of the shower, had the fridge stashed with cold beers and Sugas could show up any moment to drink with me and have a night of great sex. Everything was great up until the knock on the door, when I opened... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 31, 2018

Sakura 2

Delicate Sakura Summer Love

Sakura is one of the fittest ladyboys you'll ever dream to run into, and this time I literally bumped into her, she had surgery done and was rocking a new set of bumpers on her chest when we walked into each other at a crowded club. I didn't waste... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyObsession

March 28, 2018


Jerk Off in Golden Shower

I was having my eighth bottle of beer on the streets of Bangkok late at night when I found myself staring at a set of perky tits bouncing up and down attached to a lean ladyboy who was walking towards my general direction. When she passed by I... read more

14 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 21, 2018


The Force is Strong

Jen possibly gives the most amazing dedicated blowjobs in all of the land, if I didn't know any better I'd say she is a blowjob Jedi master. She might not be blessed with the killer looks but this little cock sucker will have your dick inside her... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 17, 2018


Holiday GFE Bareback

I hadn't seen Sugas in quite some time, I felt like she was ignoring my messages, after a couple of weeks she finally replied. She had indeed been ignoring me, she was tired of the way I treated her, always slapping the cuffs on her, doing dirty... read more

14 minutes | LadyboyObsession

March 14, 2018


Benzey Meets an Angel

Benzey is amazing, where most ladyboys will decline if you ask them to fuck another ladyboy, Benzey, who has a crazy active sexual drive, just asks when and where you want her to do it. Angel is amazing too because she looks so cute, girly and... read more

32 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 7, 2018


Fuck Like Rabbits

One of the things I like about some ladyboys is when they pick a name that is spot on, some have bogus or pretentious wannabe-Western-girl names, some just choose the truth. Enjoy, is a prime example of the latter kind, her blazing hot skinny... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 3, 2018

Cartoon Candy

Bathtub Blowjob

Cartoon Candy was already 'famous' before I met her, she has done videos before and that was exactly why I tried to find her. I was pretty sure she'd be willing to extend her filmography. The thing was I couldn't find her! So when one day the... read more

14 minutes | LadyboyObsession

February 28, 2018


Hair on Fire

I was sitting near the beach, minding my own business, having a coffee and some tomato juice and trying hard to recover from a heavy night of drinking. When all of a sudden someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around I saw this tall... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 21, 2018

Vicky 3

Spit Roasted By Ladyboys

I really love Vicky's skinny body. Her dick is huge and on her rail thin frame and it looks enormous. I had been thinking about her dick in my ass all week so I asked her to come over. She asked me if I missed her big cock and I said yes. She... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 17, 2018


Milked BDSM Sex

I spotted Chotika outside in front of the mall, she was wearing a naughty outfit, wearing sunglasses and licking away on a Cornetto ice cream. I approached her but she flat out ignored me, she said something I didn't understand in order to not... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

February 14, 2018

Mint 5

Piss Face Blowjob

I was out on a night of hard drinking downtown and that is about all that I could remember. So when I stumbled into the bathroom after waking up the next day with a terrible hangover I nearly went into cardiac arrest when I saw Mint sitting in the... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 7, 2018

Emmy 2

Stuffed Animal

Emmy is the perfect girl on the side, she doesn't talk much, isn't demanding, likes to cuddle and above all loves dick up her bum more than anything. I called her up for another meet and dressed her up in a cute little bunny outfit. The fluffy... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 3, 2018


Cherry Popped Schoolgirl

Fujiko showed up in a scandalous school uniform which I assume isn't the actual uniform she used to wear in school and it was so naughty I told her to keep it on. I could well imagine why she had so much attention from boys. If he walks around... read more

16 minutes | LadyboyObsession

January 31, 2018

Ploy 5

Skinny Friends Mutual Debut

I was super excited this night, I had finally found Pimmie through some of my ladyboy models, she told me she had done porn videos before but she only played with herself in it but now wanted to make a hardcore video just like her friends had done... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

January 24, 2018


Rock Hard Rock Girl

I popped down to one of the best ladyboy venues to watch a bunch of them waving their hips around a shiny pole. I felt awkward as some of the ladyboys a saw recognized me and were giving me dramatic looks trying to convince me to invite them over,... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

January 20, 2018

Aom 1

Skinny Bunny Bareback

I remember when I was a kid I tried to obtain Playboy and Penthouse magazines from news agents, I tried many times, the shops always refused my money and told me to skedaddle. Eventually I started to just slip them into my jacket to have my way.... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

January 17, 2018


Promiscuous Bareback Student

I love the way Janice loses herself when her ass gets stretched out and filled up with cock. She moans in a way that requires you to either take her to a motel room or unwillingly update your neighbors on what you're up to. The combination of her... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyVice

January 10, 2018


Obscenely Cute Girl

Best had given me a very good time before so I asked her to come see me again. She showed up with a new look including bangs and huge fluffy ears. This was a huge surprise, I couldn't believe she traveled through the city looking like this. She... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

January 6, 2018

Sakura 2

Hotpants Bulge

I saw Sakura do yoga near the beach, she was wearing scandalously small hot pants. I was sure I could see a little bump where she had tried to stash her lovely dick and balls away. I patiently waited for her to finish her yoga session before I... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

January 3, 2018

Emmy 2

Emmy's Golden Shower

I had seen images floating around of Emmy taking a piss in a garden somewhere and it excited me incredibly. I asked around for her new number and when I finally got hold of it I met up at a bar. I sat her down and told her what I had seen and how... read more

28 minutes | LadyboyVice

December 27, 2017


Red Hot Sugar

Sugas looks delicious in red, she reminded me of chili peppers when I dressed her up in the color of passion. I cuffed her hands and locked them above her head leaving her cute ass nearly helpless, all that kept my dick from entering her warm... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

December 23, 2017


Brown Sugar Revelation

I saw Bovei lying on the beach, well actually, I didn't know it was her at first when I saw a team of either really fit girls or most likely ladyboys getting their tan on. I thought perhaps they were tourists because people born in the what used... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

December 20, 2017


Spit Roasted By 3 Ladyboys

Ice told me she liked the way her ass hurt throughout the days following our previous session and she wanted more. I told her to bring her ass over straight away and she happily agreed. Less than one hour later I heard a knock on the door, when I... read more

28 minutes | LadyboyVice

December 13, 2017


Milk Her Big Dick

I spotted Best in a club while she was shaking her cute little butt on the dance floor with some girls she was with. I offered her a drink and it wasn't until we were kissing and I felt a hard cock stuffed away between her legs in the taxi on the... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

December 9, 2017

Leeya 1

Private Bed Bareback

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a screaming boner and the uncontrollable urge stick it in a hole but you have just thirty minutes the wash up and head out to your day job? I do, it happens quite often so what I usually do is call in sick... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyObsession

December 6, 2017


Cheeky Monkey

I was having some lunch minding my own business when suddenly Ammee showed up asking me if I remembered her, I was caught off guard and was't ready for it so I just pretended I didn't hear her and kept on eating. Then she sat down and started... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 29, 2017


Bareback College Girlfriend

Sweet innocent Janice still studies in college and it is no secret I love girls in their university uniforms. They make me feel young again. I saw Janice in some photos with her friends out in a park somewhere wearing their costumes so I messaged... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 25, 2017


Bareback Sleepover

I didn't used to have many sleepovers when I was young, I never cared much for them. I couldn't understand what it was all about. Perhaps if I had had video games back then I could've stayed up all night and play them with a friend. But that form... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

November 22, 2017

Donut 3

Piss Drenched and Deep Throat

I just love Donut's tall strong amazonian warrior body but at the same time it's slightly intimidating as well. So this time I decided to mark my territory and make clear for once and for all who was the alpha by making her shower in my urine. I... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 15, 2017


Naughty Little Naomi

I had seen pictures of Naomi in which she seemed to be a pristine girl but something inside told me that could just be an act. The old playing hard to get scheme which usually just makes things even more interesting. I was caught off guard though... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 11, 2017

Lily 1

Rushed Quickie Bareback

I was having a coffee early morning telling myself I was holding an office job to go to later on when I thought I saw Lily rush by outside. She was in a hurry so I had no time to double take so I pulled out my phone and called her and indeed I saw... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

November 8, 2017

Fay 2

Mouth and Ass Used For Sex

Fay showed up in a regular innocent enough looking dress. For a moment I thought I was going to have a hard time getting it on but as soon as her clothes came off and I saw her not so innocent tattoos I got so unbelievably excited. She changed... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 4, 2017

Cindy 3

Long Time Coming

Cindy was one of the first ladyboys I had ever seen out in the countryside in a small town, I was much younger but she was a young teenager, her loud cheeky behavior, her dyed hair and her calling for attention really stood out. A few years later... read more

13 minutes | LadyboyObsession

November 1, 2017

Som 3

Sexy Clerk

I was standing in line inside a shop from a large chain of pharmacies when the staff behind the register was replaced. Out went the middle aged man, in came the younger cheeky Som. I felt kind of embarrassed having to pay her for the several... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 25, 2017

Pink 3

Live Mannequin

Pink loves to model, she gets lots of gigs showing off clothes in malls and when she was in my room she couldn't stop posing and demanded I took photos of her while she was in chains because it was new to her. It took me nearly half an hour to... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 21, 2017

Sandy 5

Holiday Top Bareback

Sandy is a perfect holiday girlfriend, skinny, a rock hard cock and very cute. Sandy is convincing when wearing make up and has the sex drive of a horny teenager. I don't always enjoy serving as bottom but for some girls I'm happy to make an... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyObsession

October 18, 2017


Love the Way You Lie

I got Namwan back and this time she brought a friend. She convinced me to let her friend join because Ice loves fat cocks, she probably just said it to make me proud and convince me to do as she asks and in the process help her friend perhaps but... read more

31 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 14, 2017

Benzey 2

Bo Selecta, The Newer Model

I was out on a Saturday on a date, but things weren't going so well and I grew bored quickly, it didn't look like I was getting laid with her, but I didn't feel so bad about it, I had noticed Benzey threatening the dance floor with her smooth sexy... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

October 11, 2017

New 2

Walk of Shame

I ran into New on my drunk walk back to my place around 4 AM and noticed she was even drunker, we were both horny from the alcohol and exhaustion and so we agreed to help each other out. Back at my place we did our dirt and by the time we were... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 4, 2017

Nutty 2

Dental Inspiration

I had experienced some pain in my tooth after it chipped so I went to see a dentist while I was away on a weekend trip. The dentist used a lip extractor I had never seen before and it was strangely intrusive. I looked at myself in the little... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 28, 2017


All You Need is Enjoy!

I think it is safe to say we can all agree that Enjoy is a one in big number kind of girl. Her skinny body, big eyes, wonderful smile and lest I forget, a big fat dick. I cannot get enough of her and decided to ask her to bring a friend. Her... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 20, 2017


Book it or Lose it

I had tried to get skinny little big dicked Pooh back into bed for a while but every time she was constantly busy, either that or she just simply had enough of me. When she did finally answer the phone she told me she was away on a holiday with... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 13, 2017

Elle 2

Elle C'est Belle

I love Asian girls with European nick names, it shows they like to experience Western things, and I love to help them experience these things. This first scene with Elle shows you one of her first experiences with a foreign man and it shows in the... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 6, 2017

Fern 3

Tiny Femboy Taken From Behind

Fern had been very good to me several times, but we didn't get to make any videos up until now. When we finally decided to give it a try I felt particularly evil to this tiny dickgirl. So I cuffed her arms behind her back, laid her down on her... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 30, 2017

Fay 2

Good Girl Turns Bad

Fay showed up in a regular innocent enough looking dress. For a moment I thought I was going to have a hard time getting it on but as soon as her clothes came off and I saw her not so innocent tattoos I got so unbelievably excited. She changed... read more

29 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 23, 2017


Big Erect Dark Cock

Cat had been very hesitant for very long towards making porn, when she finally decided to give it a try she did not disappoint. I had to get her back for a second round quickly and you can watch it right now. Cat shows you why she was made for... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 16, 2017


Blowjob Expertise

A ladyboy friend of mine whom I meet regularly for exploration told me about her friend who taught her how to suck a cock properly. Since she herself always does a very decent job I was very anxious to meet the one who taught her how. She warned... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 9, 2017


Dark Skinned Horny Bitch

Where most models exaggerate the "fashionably late" rule which I hate, Bami showed up early and caught me off guard making my drop my phone when she suddenly banged on the door like she was with the gestapo. When I opened the door and waited... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 2, 2017


College Braces

A boy that looks like a girl, but has the sex drive of a teenager. Is willing to do anything to please you. And no one needs to know. Life could have been so much better when I was young. But it wasn't. I didn't have access to a girl like that so... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 26, 2017


Rough Anal Bareback

Janice showed up wearing a casual outfit as if she was just about to work out in the gym, the though of going to a gym always makes me tired so I told her to change out of those clothes immediately and wear the things I brought for her, when she... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 19, 2017

Linda 2

Le Freak C'est Chique

I had only just experienced Linda's warm wet mouth for the first time a few weeks ago and I had planned to meet her several more times. Then she told me she was planning on having a sex change within a week so I had to speed things up a bit and... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 12, 2017

Noi 3

Noi Back For More

Noi kept bugging me for footage of our previous meetings. I told her I had deleted everything ages ago and she'd have to look for it here on this site. It didn't matter how many times I told her, she'd ask me the exact same thing again the next... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

July 5, 2017


One Big Hungry Bunny

Lotus likes sex so much she eventually turned into a rabbit. And she is one bunny who had a few too many carrots maybe. I told her I had developed a special program for fat rabbits, it included locked hands to prevent her from putting things in... read more

17 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 28, 2017


Cum Covered Cat

Cat is quite a catch, she had never made porn before she met me. I had been asking her for a while but she was always away with other lucky men or wasn't up for it. When we finally met I almost jazzed my pants when she walked in and I saw how... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 21, 2017

Vicky 3

Skinny Fuck Bunny

I caught Vicky in the mall wearing some silly Easter bunny outfit. She was promoting some store that mainly sold chocolates. I talked to her, got her number and in the evening I called her and invited her to come over and bring that uniform she... read more

17 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 14, 2017

Vava 1

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One thing I love about Thailand is the number of locations offering rooms you can turn to to do your dirt. You are never far away when you are in Pattaya which is a blessing especially when you run into devilish girls like Vava. I met her at a... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

June 7, 2017


Hello Sugas

I had fallen straight in love with Sugas soft skin, huge eyes and downright sexy lips. So I had to get her back as fast as possible. I lay awake at night anticipating meeting up with her again but I clearly wasn't the only one because she was hard... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

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